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HGK BMW E92 Eurofighter hit the streets in Vegas

First model of the HGK Motorsports heavily modified BMW,what is now called the E92 Eurofighter, hits the streets for the first time in Vegas right after SEMA show. We love the sound of it too. That hood parks a 900hp in it. Unbelievable!

The HGK are also known for their angelic touch on the now MK Racing owned BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter also a first of its kind and racing in Qatar.
BMW  E92 Eurofighter
BMW  E92 Eurofighter 
 You see, HGK don’t just build any old drift cars – they build some of the world’s very best drift cars. Builds so detailed and immaculate in their execution that they can comfortably sit side-by-side with GT-spec race cars, put together by teams with far bigger budgets and backgrounds than this humble crew of motorsport fabricators from a small country in the Baltics- TheSpeedHunters

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