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Ali Makhseed from Kuwait steals the show to lift Qatar Drift Championship Round 1 (PRO Category).

Ali Makhseed  in Nissan Silvia X |PhotoQRCMedia
Gates opened at 6pm. Was lucky to be here a little early thanks to Friday the traffic in this city is a quiet midday meadow. Hither and there the west wing of the stands for the crowds are still empty while the scorching heat of the midday sun settled. The little mirage in the middle of the empty drift track rose soon settles and welcomes in the Qatar mighty 5pm sunset. Even right in the outcasts of Doha...the amazing Doha sun is still so beautiful like a back of a Chevy on a smoky drift track.
The rumbles begin...the brief takes place...Kevin Wells of Formula Drift shares his technical skills to drivers on winning this race tonight.The expectations of the judges and the criteria for awarding marks are explained. The clipping zones and the marks for each clip are laid. The rules are laid bare and the running orders print for the furious cars  is out just in time.

At this time the west wing of the stand starts to pile up with crowds and yesss...the big lenses are taking positions on the clipping zones ready to snap away those drifty and smokey moment. Who doesn't like a better drift even on camera shot?

 Seemingly everyone is in for tonight show...you are either in KH gear or something else that looks perfect for this occasion. The Round 1 of Qatar Drift Championship...officially drifts on
Magnificent track laid bare in front of us...the drift demarcations already painted in stark white and cones placed in the right place to guide the drift to the staging zone.From sputtering to shuttering...from vzooming to snarling...from baass...basss...basss to a billowing smoke in the hole...then jittery fire sparks out of the exhausts, the cars set to the beautiful drift track. This was just as i had anticipated.Qatar Drift Championship Round 1 can never been any better.

From our close view here we stand,our noses can barely touch the reek odor of burning tires and whiffing gasoline as the cars drift passed us with aloong snarl  and booooom.Smoke!!.From where i stand the cars drift so close to the edges you can watch it right on your nose as it turns out its front tires and swings her back into the drift.
The cars makes there runs and soon it just looked like Ahmmed Allouh  in his native red BMW Z4 was finding a rough ride tonight.The home fans rooting for Jassim Al Suwaidi in his legendary BMW M3 flagging off the staging zones in a stripped Qatar colorful stickers. But soon it looks like he is breaking his car in a tandem run.And  oops we are drained of adrenaline for a while...we grab red bull in this swattering weather and smokey night as we look into the math that would put Waleed Salem with A.Allouh into a tandem run. And yes there we have just as we predicted.

Ali Makshseed Kuwait Drift Driver in Qatar
Waled Saleem is winning our hearts out...his big Chevrolet Camaro snarling passed each corner burying us in a sticky chocking white gasoline smoke.Looks like we already have the winner but alas.Allouh is beaten by Saleem in the tandem run who gets to meet new entry Ali Makhseed  in his Nissan silvia X.
Its the battle of the titans as the Round 1 of Qatar Drift Championship close down. Salem and Ali are lined up. The crowds leave there stands clutching there phones on the hand catching some video to insta away amazed at how fast the night has whipped away.
Ali Shaihani takes the lead here and  makes it difficult for Salem to pass literary smoking him out at each corner of the drift. He protects his lead  as he clips on all the zones leaving Salim in thick white smoke to see any clipping zones.And there we have it...the winner of Round 1 of Qatar Drift Championship is announced.
The crowd gathers as first for the podium and awarding ceremony. Round 2 of Qatar Drift continues with each Thursday set for open day for drift tests and drag tests.
I will be definitely be back for Round 2...one round is never enough here at AlAnabi team.

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