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Formula Drift Kevin Wells trains Qatar drifters ahead of Qatar Drift Championships Round 1

Qatar Racing club announced last week that this year's Qatar drift series would be supported by Formula Drift Technical team.It was not clear among bloggers who would be taking the position after Mike Dean who had been anonymously been tied to the Drift series in Qatar.
Today during the on going Drift practices for the Qatar Drift Kevin Wells was finally spotted checking the magnificent drift facility at the club.
Kevin Wells instructs Qatar Drifter at Qatar Drift
"The level of Drifting in Qatar has slowly taken shape and now the drifters are finally taking confidence in these wheels,'' Wells having one on word with RaceIt crew at the drift practice on the night of Wednesday.
By the end of the first two rounds of Qatar Drift Championship Wells and his equally technical colleague hope that the Drifters would be fully in a position to rise to the level of Drifting competition in Europe and America.
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Kevin Wells brings a tone of mechanical and technical skills to this season Qatar Drift Championship having been earlier a technical manager and support for Formula Drift series and now Competition Director for Formula Drift Series

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