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Formula Drift Team already in Doha for Qatar Drift Championship

Blogs in Britain and Drift All Stars rumor blogs posts that formula drift team is already in Qatar Doha for Round 1 Qatar Drift Championship headed for 15-16th of Oct 2015.The team arrived in Hamad Airport at 7 PM local time and is expected to schedule first meeting with Qatar Drifters on Wednesday.
Jassim and Allouh During Drift Practice|QRCMediaPhoto
Earlier today the CEO of QRC officially announce to media and press in a morning breakfast meeting with the media about QRC partnership with world's most competitive Drift team.
Formula Drift team will be scheduled to oversee the rules for drifting in Qatar and training of the drivers on safety and skills for  drifting as a sport.
Qatar Racing Club has earlier had a touch with Europe's finest Mike Dean in training of its drifters and   and judging drift sessions in Qatar.
This year Qatar Racing Club has introduced tandem drifting completion that is expected to raise the level and the fan of drifting in the region.
Round 1 of Qatar Drift Championship kicks off 6pm of 15th at Qatar Racing Club Drift track. Get your tickets here 

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