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Qatar Drift Championship Round 1 Preview

Round 1 of QDC kicks off today in what we call qualifiers tie.The practices continues today as well into late night of Thursday and here is what to expect.Jassim Al Suwaidi will be under pressure to excite his home fans. The legendary 'smokemaker' gave exciting performance to the end of season at Qatar drift that was heroically stolen by Moto racer Daham. But will his smoke completely white wash drifty A.Allouh and foggy Waleed Salim in Chevrolet?
A.Allouh taking on the staging lane

A.Allouh has been on good run in the practice session and his skills and runs are expected to beat Waleed Salim driving Chevrolet who equally would be Round 1 winner favorite.In our  own early preview of th round 1 we would bet on the two to take the Drift to another level.

Qatar Drift racer Jassim Al Suwaidi
The races begins at 6pm tonight and all racers are upbeat about this season events ofcos after QRC who run these exciting events sort for Formula Drift expertise in running 2015 Drift season in Qatar.
Already the team of Formula Drift visited the track in Qatar Racing Club.
'Its amazing place to be...having this facility ready for the season 2015 early enough is a sure spot-on that Qatar Drifting has a committed team ready to work out to achieve  the best in the Gulf region drifting,''Kevin Wells Competition Director at Formula Drift at Qatar Drift practice on Wednesday Night.

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