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The kick off of Qatar National Street Drag Round 1 - Preview

ss Camaro burn out at QRC Dragstrip|PhotoQRCMedia
Qatar National Street Drag continues into the mid-weekend  of October 23rd 2015 at Qatar Racing Club attracting a number of new entries into the drag series in the gulf region. In the recent years of drag racing in the Gulf...QRC has established its name as the ultimate drag racing and Motorsport hot spot for quarter mile racing in the Middle East the Arabian Drag Racing League being one of the hugely admired racing event hosted at the 'big-ticket' drag strip.
R ALHajri in action at QRC Drag Strip|PhotoQRCMedia
This weekend as they host the round 1 of the Qatar National Street Drag it was evident that last season's winners in Super Street Bike A.Darwish and 3 times back to back champion of Pro Bike R.AlHajri would return to the drag track with a gust,,,and ohhhh my  yes they did.
Flagging off the newly painted dear drag strip of QRC these two season champions are at there own level of competition in drag racing in the middle east.Two enthusiast who will battle out anything,,,burn it out and complete the quarter mile strip of Qatar Racing Club at a second count.
Nissan GTR ques up for the race

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