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2015 Campagna T-Rex spotted in Qatar (behind the scenes of Qatar Street Drag Championship)

Behind the scenes of National Street Drag Racing Championship  at Qatar Racing Club is always full of some colorful actions...car shows and bike shows...car show-offs and bike show-offs....yes and better still stunts and speed...Sometimes the fans who throng the stands here get to see a colorful parade of beautiful Chevy or Mustang or Porche-not one or two not three or 10....a pod of SUVs and Cadillacs as well.UAE can never resist an American muscle you know what i mean.

Sometimes just at the end of the stands,sits untinged Lamborghini in its almighty glitter and color,flaunting her awesome  glorious 'rare' beauty and scouting nose with bliss.
But today something extreme...something not peculiar with these events made its way to where we were standing taking pictures of Al Anabi tuned #ToyotaSupra burning out for eighth mile run.
You could feel its coming presence as photographers lift off there 'glass'  from the supra burning out in the tracks to capture the literary crawling pantomime 'scorpion'.
From far i thought this was another Mercedes or BMW new arrivals for James Bond 'spectre' kind of things -Kings Edwin
T-REX bikes are not common to come by even in a country where auto-world is a lifestyle and culture to behold.So totally i do not regret that in my entire moto-life (which is as brief as i am in Doha by the way)..i have never seen a trex in my entire life.Not this very close at least i remember.
2015 Campagna T-Rex[PhotoByRaceIT]
The white T-rex made its way to us showing off her sure grip and glamour. One would think it was a red carpet session in an Emmy's Awards arena, as 'she' enjoyed the full attention and the clicks of our take away tickering shutter...then silently i hear someone whisper ''What A beauty of  T-REX'' thats when i quickly take my journal to note.T-Rex.
Where i come from (forgive my naivety) this would be quickly mistaken for a scooter ...But the pomp and color with which it got our attention tonight one would tell its another muscle to appreciate.
Here are its specifications
And by the way did you Notice how many times i called it a 'her.'Its just something with me and cars story for another day.

2015 Campagna T-Rex[PhotoByRaceIT]
Car 2015
$ 69999 
Horsepower @ RPM:
160 @ 7750
Torque @ RPM:
129 @ 5250
1.6 L
0-60 time:
4 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed:
130 mph (Est.

Qatar is a country of untamed culture of cars and auto-sport what roams these streets and its neighborhood pulled together can buy a country with all its beautifull and scenic beaches. But they love cars instead.
 There you have it enjoy some of my beautiful quick pictures i took in between work to get a glimpse of this glorious 20th anniversary light and fun to ride edition of T-REX

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