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AlAnabi tuned Toyota Supra straight outta garage hits 4.896sec in 1l8Mile track (143.29)

Toyota Supra 4.896SEC 143.29mp[PhotoRaceIT
AlAnabi (AAP) tuned Toyota Supra came straight outta garage to hit 4.896 sec 143.29 quarter mile at the pricely Qatar Racing Drag Strip during tests and tuning open day.The VPRacing will be competing in this car at Qatar Street Drag and is expected to compete at this years most competitive drag racing in the middle east-Arabian Drag Racing League (ADRL)
AlAnabi garage has built some good stuff in NRHA and competed in several races through America and Europe. Khalid Abaloushi broke the record for PRO MOD at Qatar Racing in the round up to last season's driving SS Camaro as Mike Castalana and Mahana Al Naemi come winners of Round 2 and 3.

Toyota Supra 4.896SEC 143.29mp[PhotoRaceIT]
This season's ADRL is expected top be heightened and racing teams in the gulf region are upbeat ready to kick gass in need of speed at QRCZone.
Toyota Supra 4.896SEC 143.29mp[PhotoRaceIt]

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