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Here is The Fastest Corvette Z06 in Middle East

fastest corvette zo6 in Middle East [PhotoQRCMedia]
Ladies and gentlemen officially we unveil the fastest corvette zo6 in Middle East with a perfect record time of 8.171 sec at 325.61km/h 1/4mile at just 800m.This is not eaves-dropping or ear-say thing.This corvette sitting above this post ran this record at Qatar Racing Club and we waited 2 weeks,to go over records of the fastest Corvette zo6 in middle east where she beats all.
The record was achieved at the Round 2 of Qatar National Street Drag Championship at Qatar Racing Club.The V2Performance and Alika Foud posted this record ealier on there instagram and we thought you should know.Hope this car get to be ritually molested by car writers and enthusiasts this week in the gulf.Its 650hp would be something to ruin your ear to.
Al Khor airport will host the biggest speed festivals in the Gulf region hopefully we wioll get to see this car confirm its record at Qatar Mile this coming 4th Dec 2015 just few days to ADRL round 1.

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