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How to gear up for for Sealine Sand Drag

Drag racing in the middle East is a sport admired by all and as the urge to make it better crops up with cars just being built to break records its totally epic to start imagining the kind of fun there lies for any motorsport enthusiast.This will be another moment not pass drag race junk in Qatar.Racers,Mechanics,Garages try to build something stronger and furious for the sand and thats what is exciting about this event-getting it done.
Qatar Racing Club has this season's Sealine and Drag just in the right time for this article where i will give my own to-do things for first timers.Time here definitely won't be cast on stones,with the winds and sand blowing off-shore i bet we will have to endure long hours at the shores of  historic PersianGulf.
Inside Al Anabi Garage getting a biggie up for Sand Drag[PhotoKings]

Its  been hot (high temperatures) for a while though now the unnoticeable Qatar winter is slowly sweeping across from the gulf sea.I expect to get a little cold and at best catch flu.But am totally prepared to be blown out with billowing sand storms as the winds sweeps across to Saudi.I know its hazard but the site of sand rails splitting sand on the wheels leaving a trail of track is awesome to capture.
Buggies are tuned for these festivals you can count on this that you would hear sputtering of modified engines ready to make a run.Shutters burst of over thousand frames to take capture of these moments.Those with quality glass stands out.For photographers these are moments that come once in a new year liker this.
Sealine Sand Drag the 13th & 14th November 2015 Photo[QRCMedia]
Qatar Sealine promises to be a classical repeat of the other year's 2 days action.In Qatar it means another long hours road trip to the scenic Sealine for a glimpse of these events.Driving long hours getting tired before the race and feeling exhausted.But worry less there are Hotels owned by Katara at the beaches for a night in the wilderness.
Sealine Sand Drag in Qatar is a perfect place to spend a day or two at.When you miss this be sure it will take you another year to hear about Qatar Sealine.
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