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Is this the Qatar's ultimate motorsport thriller? 4X4 Free Style Drifting

  • How is this motorsport judged? Its a polite way of saying Fix it...Race It...Break It and REPEAT.

Qatar 4X4 Freestyle Drifting[PhotoKingsEdwin]
Coming over from strict rules of drag racing in ArabianDragRacingLeague or Qatar National Street Drag Championships and being plunged into a field of 4X4 wheels burn-out,locally known as FreeStyleDrifting,was little epic and crazier.But thats what defines my weekends in the quiet outskirts of Doha.
How is this motorsport judged? No speed cams,not Xmas tree-light,no score board at the end of the mile tracks...just a cloud of smoke and guttering fire from the hole as the Landcruisers,Nissan Patrols disappear in the smoggy gasoline smoke in thousands pf horsepowers.
That was the changing point of my whole class with free style drifting in Qatar.With occasional aaahhhhs....eeeeehhhhs and boooooooos from the crowds one can quickly tell this sport got the natives like glue.
Yes and this is the crowd puller here for motorsport enthusiast in Qatar Doha...just like new comers  i was ready for the shock of my day.
Qatar 4X4 Freestyle Drifting[PhotoKingsEdwin]
First time for FreeStyle Drifting,here you are judged by how aggressively you burn-out your tires,make the most dramatic j-turns,sometimes 360 turns in a heavy white thick cloudy smoke,hit the walls and knock the engine..screech the breaks  and smoke-up the whole place.It's a polite way of saying Fix it...Race It...Break It and REPEAT.What a rule.One would say Free Style Drifting is meant for the 'bad' road drivers.Momentarily it looked like traffic department had brought a bunch  rough -riders downtown and caged them for a death race.Here nothing is as important as 'Go Hard Or Go Home.'
Qatar 4X4 Freestyle Drifting[PhotoKingsEdwin]
The youths in Qatar find this thrilling and exciting than all mighty motorsport events i have been to in this region.In my entire brief stunt with motorsport in Qatar i have never seen fans throng the stands at QRC like they did for Ramadan Drift and FreeStyle Drifting.
One day possibly i still ask for more.
Qatar 4X4 Freestyle Drifting[PhotoKingsEdwin]

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