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James Bond's Specter premiers in Qatar Doha.My experience with DB10 smoking Jaguar c-x75 in the street chase scene.

I had personally promised to watch James Bond's  Specter premier in Qatar and never bother to share my first time experience here.Then i witnessed James Bond steal Aston Martin DB10 that was meant for 0010 and not 007 and plunge it in a pool after literary smoking Jaguar c-x75 outta way.That moment i said i will break my promise not to share my first time experience with Specter.
Movie goer buys ticket for Specter Premier in Qatar[PhotoKingsEdwin]
Watching 007 movie in Qatar you literary have to be prepared missing some exotic actions.They will be deliberately cut out of the premier and i will wait to have my DVD copy to have a glimpse of those.Anyway that was something i was prepared to loose.
For us in the outskirts of Qatar Doha it meant we had to really be good at finding a place near industrial area where we would catch a shot at Specter.Grand Mall had these affordable tickets on sale so we set for it at once 20QAR equivalent of utmost USD 4 for a movies premier ...that was pocket friendly.
It meant we would crawl back home in the quiet of the night and get ready to part with extra Qatari Rials for cab fee from the extremists Karwa's here.At night their business boom with glory.
So here we are grabbing popcorns for spectacular opening of the scenes.Specter has spectacles that will glue you to its amazing opening scene dubbed ''the day of the dead'' possibly borrowed from Halloween celebrations...just how timely the premier must have been placed.
They have taken James Bond to overly crowded place and tested his ability to adapt here...snoop around follow his leads amidst destructive debutant lady and ultimately get to kill the bad guys.Mendes must have created characters in this opening scene that will simply let you admiring the future of 007 agents.The stunts in the helicopter fight are keenly taped...the falling of the mighty huge wall behind James Bond was is skillfully played and everything rolls out swiftly.What a spectacle for an opening scene.
To Watch Specter it meant we crawl in the lonely night[PhotoKingsEdwin]
The most talked of the scenes would definitely be the street chase between Aston Martin DB10 and was the other car a jaguar C-X75? That fierce street chase that ends in a splash was spectacular enough.
There are no specific high moments as i had expected.But the opening scenes of the day of the daed is spectacle that will make you sit and watch Specter.
This is the movie that will forever change setting of the future Bond movies and Daniel Craig who doest love him would definitely be the best actor that ever played a James Bond character.
Spectre is the movie of the future...its scenes and camera angles tell the story.Its sharp to the point scripting and brilliant actors make it a piece of creation not of this age.Its a movie i will still watch to the end of 2020

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