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Nissan GT-R bursts into flames in Al Anabi dyno tuning at Qatar Racing Club

Nissan GT-R flames up in dyno [Video Kings Edwin]
Possibly you have read twice or thrice in this blog when i mention Al Anabi.You have definitely become their top fan too even before you watch this video of Nissan GTR 2009 bursting into fiery flames inside Qatar Racing Club garage dyno today.

Nothing beats AL Anabi when it comes to automotive engineering and building a complete compact and of cos fast auto mobiles.From buggies to trails and to tuning the world fastest GTR in 2014 Al Anabi has proved to be gulf's only bets performance and garage in drag and mile racing.
THIS video went viral few hours after i posted it at Qatar Racing Club Al Anabi Team facebook page.Here is the link CLICK HERE go like it too and wait for more videos like this.

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