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Qatar Mile Introduces New Bike Class – Street Bike. (Here are the rules for engagement)

Qatar Mile – New Bike Class – Street Bike
This class is for lightly modified street bikes with minimal modifications achieved though bolt-on products.
Engine: Stock bore and stroke only. Other internal engine modifications permitted to enhance engine strength and reliability. Aftermarket camshafts/rods/pistons are permitted.
Power Adder: Nitrous and turbo strictly prohibited.
Tires: Standard DOT rated front and rear tires.
Wheels: Aftermarket wheels permitted.
Brakes: Front and rear brakes required and must be 100% functional.
Exhaust: Aftermarket exhaust permitted. No sidewinder exhaust.
Chassis: Stock chassis with aftermarket bolt-on swingarm extensions permitted.
Suspension: Aftermarket shock/forks permitted.
Bodywork: Factory bodywork only. No aftermarket lightweight bodywork or fuel cell permitted.
Fuel: Racing or Pump gasoline only. No alcohol or methanol permitted.
Qatar Mile introduces new Bike Class (Street Bike) Photo QRCMedia
Electronics: Aftermarket plug-in fuel/ignition components permitted. Must plug directly into stock ECU without altering wiring harness.
Shifter: Air or electric shifters permitted as well as “quick shifter”.
Inspection: All engines will be sealed prior to the start of the event. At no time may a competitor remove the seal during the event. If a competitor needs to perform internal engine repair during the event, they must inform race control and technical inspector. At this time bore/stroke measurements will be made and a new seal placed on the engine.
At the conclusion of the event, Qatar Racing Club technical inspectors have the right to have the competitor remove the cylinder head to perform bore/stroke measurement to verify compliance with the rules.
#Article By Scot Doha QRC Website

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