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Road Trip to Sealine Sand Drag Day 1 (PRE-VISIT)

  • 'Edwin get ready we chuck at 11am'

That was my boss calling out.Tik..tok..tik...tok.Packing my bag  and counterchecking if my lenses are in place. 70-200mm f2.8...50mm my back up lense...check...check extra battery...check...lensehood..check then quickly grabs lense cleaners and off we are.
rails of sand that you can't point its end[PhotoKingsEdwin]
Last season we never had a chance to have Sealine Sand Drag being my first time to this event this year am supper upbeat  and anxious at the same time about the schedules.,running orders and runs.But since today is site visit no worry for the extra details.Never been so close to buggies or trails in my brief life with motorsports.The closest relative of these Sand Drag buggies i have seen are the V8 motorbikes on google images.Yeaah...(forget my naivety)The other time while inside Al-Anabi Garage i had  slight  sighting of incomplete buggy but since it was far from completion i can never say that was close enough.(here is the buggy i saw)

fan taking photos of the great crew [PhotoKingsEdwin]

So here we are.Belts... up check cookies  and red bull (Its my boss ride i never miss a cookie here)...and off we are.It will be  slightly above 27 miles from Doha i expect.With google maps these days you get to be in a place even before you arrive.It doesn't take as long after we hug the towering Qatar Oil Industry a quick pass.
Sealine Sand Drag here we are.Just adjacent to the Sealine Beach Resort.
we hug the towering Qatar Oil Industry a quick pass[PhotoKingsEdwin]
Its not as sunny as it was in mid-summer but the wind blowing off-shore might be cooler at evening so working into the night i might need to wear some hood i guess.(cautious)Today it is just light strip preparations so not much to film but i guess i will be having fan taking photos of the great crew at Qatar Racing Club here...looking for the memories that would be worth sharing of this day and the moments that don't need to pass.So i load 200mm f2.8 glass on the very compact tight Canon 7D which am a faithful student of by the way.I prefer getting the details then the wider shots later.I preserve the wide shots for the sunset not now.
Occasionally i would attend between briefs meeting with the tech crew and event crew trying to completely figure out the vision of the crew on the bare sand that laid before my eyes before is turned to deep heavy burying sand for the buggies to dig in.My day so far too light for Sand Drag.
Bare sand laid before us[PhotoKingsEdwin]
I guess it starts light and end so hard.The Doha Sunset is magnificent from here.You can actually confuse the red-hot dangling sun for a hot ballon.With different angles of the crew on set i could take some silhouette shots and my ohh my so amazing were the captures.I could hardly feel the crop sensors of the 7D.
Sealine Sand Drag as it lays now is pure massive bare trails of sand that you can't point its end.By Thursday night the crew here shall have built the structures that will totally turn this place into a sand drag strip...from the lights to the stands to the tents and the speed lights.
The Doha Sunset is magnificent from here[PhotoKingsEdwin]
My day end got some amazing moments to share with colleagues.CLICK HERE for full album photos
##############END of Day one#############
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