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STEVE PETTY : We havent tapped it yet it will go lower than 3.8 secs and over 200mph.

KH V6 Series Corvette breaks OoutLaw record in QATAR
Potentially,We haven't tapped it yet.We just kinda learning this thing as we go. As i said before its a totally new deal in drag racing.We are all excited about this car.
Allan Johnson built the car that has swept  outlaw category in drag racing scenes going lower than the current outlaw record.
Steve Petty and Mike Hill in Qatar for ADRL 2016
The KH V6 Corvette driven by AlAnabi's Mustafa Atat set the record at Qatar Racing Club's Arabian Drag Racing League. Taking top position in this season's league opener twice.

KH SERIES V6 - 3.87 - 199 MPH 

KH V6 Series is a new game changer . We are in talks with KH on building this engine for Pro Mod as well and we are all going to go for it.Steve Petty talking Race It team in Qatar.
KH V6 Series Corvette - World's fastest corvette
Watch FULL interview with Steve Petty COMING SOON from Qatar

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