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The Legendary of Mahana Al-Naemi and Rickie Smith goes beyond just belief

Mahana Al Naemi 12 Chevy Camaro

Mahana Al Naemi (the infamous El Chapo of drag racing in the gulf)  legendary will be here to be sung  forever.Teaming up with America's PDRA 2015 champion Rickie Smith the duo formed an unsurpassable team to win Gulf's best drag race in Middle East - Arabian Drag Racing League in the Pro Modified category.
Mahana Al Naemi at the first semi's of the night 'out ran' Mike Castellana and beat him to his title meeting UAE's finest Khalid Al Balooshi at the finals.Mahana conquered the battle of the night with a perfect run of 5.754s 248.75mph making him the new champion of ProMod in ADRL Round 1.
Rickie Smith team built Mahana's legendary ride 13 Chevy Camaro to beat Khalid Al Balooshi (must have been a tensed and decisive formula that helped the Al Anabi's best to come over Khalid Al-Balooshi)
Mahan Al Naemi and Rickie Smith in Qatar for Arabian Drag Racing League
Mahana win after a false start of Qatar Mile Round 1 is answer to the Gulf's motorsports enthusiast that he is not yet out of his winning ways.
Al Anabi under the sponsorship of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid Bin Al-Thani was the most successful performance team in the just concluded Round 1 of the Arabian Drag Racing League.
Rickie Smith in Qatar for Arabian Drag Racing League
Mahana led his AAP counterpart M.Atat colorfully lighting up the podium of ADRL Round 1. The 2nd Round of ADRL takes place on 22nd of January at the world's flattest drag strip Qatar Racing Club in Street 52 of the quiet Industrial Area.
Mahana Al Naemi 12 Chevy Camaro

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