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Fastest Z06 Corvette in the world 340.39km/hr in 800m is here in Qatar Mile

World's Fastest Corvette Z06 - Photo By DohaSport

Just a few weeks we witnessed the crashing run by Ali Kafoud in his grey busty Z06 Chevy Corvette  that struck the Middle East's fastest corvette record with a wink. That  was real excitement...Qatar Mile never really ends without 'something' going down really fast.
Ali Kafoud was back at the QRC's biggest speed festival gathering  of the year with a crashing run of 340.39km/hr in 800m. At the end of the run his corvette z06 definitely turned out to be the fastest in the world.Fastest in the world.I might want to repeat that. Qatar Mile is the biggest speed and horse power gathering event in the middle east and Kafoud victory is never something so easy to walk away with.
Ali Kafoud - Driver of
World's Fastest Corvette Z06 - Photo By DohaSport

His success story with this car can be traced to dedicated and hard working team pulled together at V2 Performance team who tuned and built the speed wagon machine.

Its not yet clear whether Ali Kafoud's team will be building a ProMod car or OutLaw car for ADRL though its something Kafoud has  whispered in our ears more often. As of now lets just say it is something worth speculating around having beaten the Middle East's fastest drivers to their game.
Ali Kafoud car will be gracing this round's National Street Drag at QRC you might want to send you boys out there to go hunting.

Here is the inside shot of the Ali Kafoud record breaking run at the just concluded Qatar Mile Round 2 at Al Khor Qatar.

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