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Motorized Drift Trike Spotted in Doha Qatar

Motorized Drift Trike Spotted in Qatar Doha - Photos by Kings Edwin
Doha is a quiet small town in the sun. What happens here never really travels far but not this first of its kind motorized  trike bike. Would be the first of its kind in Qatar who knows? But as i said here before that this is a quiet city (cheap gossips and rumor doesn't sell)  you might be surprised to spot a number of them in the residential or race tracks.Still i haven't had a chance to go hunt one down. If you know places where owners of these bikes hang give me a heads up in Qatar.
Hanging on the tail of this 'toy' bike is a 6.5 (4.8kW) or less horsepower motor clutched and chained to the back two small wheels to motorize the bike.It has a throttle conversion kit that improves throttle response something - people who tune and modify car would want to try modify to go faster.
Its not a 'toy' per say. Hooded under a 6.5 to 7.0 hp motor it will go faster than your normal smart wheel balance and make dramatic j-turns and sharp corners than your usual other motorized toys.
It has its own unique technique to get the back out,enter a corner fast then lifts off the accelerator at the apex. This makes this toy suitable enough to learn great drifting techniques on.Having seen this not-so-new technology on test would advise you to climb on board wearing a sound proof headsets. That motor will burst your ear drums.

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