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the Fastest Mitsubishi Evo in the Middle East has a new target. 320km/h??

Mivec Turbo on the fastest mitsubishi evo in the Middle East
My Sundays are one of those bad days when i just want to drop my head on my desk and recover from ADRL Camaro's,Willys',Vette's chase-hunt of last month.Blowers, supercharged or twin turbo...the smell of the rubber on QRC drag strip is something we all going to miss to the end of this season.But hey when i heard Qatar Mile was only a Monday away i decided to grab my lovely go-pro hero 4 black and compact old gobo 7D with 50mm f1.8 and hit the Al-Anabi garage.
Usually on this day you will hear a deafening sounds of AAP tuning GTR and backfiring in the dynos. Here on a good hunt you will be lucky to spot a lovely 2012 Maserati Granturismo Mc Stradale show off her elegance or at worse spot a Bugatti vision gran turismo flaunt her sloppy back.Its a car muscle zone for any photo-blogger.
AAP tuned legendary Nissan GTR 
I head over to the infamous AAP garage since there was little to capture in this empty big dyno today,but here too less is in action.Seems the new turbo fitting on the GTR being strapped up in  it's big GTR engine will take time to have ready. Then they can,as tradition, tore it to the dyno for some Mario's witch hunt figures.I swing to the next garage of-cos taking a few shots hither and thither  for the @officialqrc gram where i work as day job.Do i actually work or i just get paid to spot some bad ass cars and capture the moments? Life Of  A Photographer
red porscheGT2 hanging on the auto lift
Here the sight of the red 3.6L turbocharged H6 Porsche GT2 hanging on the auto lift attracts my attention even before i could see the black quiet Toyota  supra sitting here ( that supra mind you,was just a 0.5 seconds slow last few weeks,she would have kissed the world record at the just concluded ADRL.)Sandwiched between the supra and Porsche gt2 is this work in progress SS camaro that i was really looking forward to see run on the ADRL.Still haven't asked Atat what this red SS would get on a good day at the magnificent QRC track.
the fastest 950HP Mitsubishi Evo in the Middle East 

With such gruesome muscle-action in this garage i could barely recognize that right on my nose sat the fastest 950HP Mitsubishi Evo in the Middle East that boasts of 290.32km/h in 800m. The AAP project has undergone recognizable modification from last round making this car a must watch in this round. Fitted with new lighter carbon fiber doors and new mivec turbo this car is a speculation 320km/h  car in the making.
Fitted with new lighter carbon fiber doors
He will make the world record holder a school boy with a RC toy.Qatar Mile Happens this weekend 26th and 27th Feb 2016.
HERE is the record breaking run of this Mitsubishi Evo at Qatar Mile Round 1. Reaching 290.32 KMH in 800 Meters.

The fastest Evo in the Middle East Al Anabi Performance 290.32 KMH in 800 Metres.#QatarMile
Posted by Qatar Mile on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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