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Mustafa Atat grabs a second win in Bahrain as Al Balooshi closes the gap

Mustafa Atat in the 1941 Willys came to the first place again in the 2nd round of Bahrain Drag Championship. Atat stearing  the purple devil bursty  Willys  to her second win in Bahrain comes a few weeks after he hit the outlaw world record in KH series V6 Corvette at ADRL in Qatar.
Putting him in a ProMod car after the glorious wins in the ADRL that produced some miraculous figures was the best decision the AlAnabi team ever made.
He would be unbeatable to the end of the race in Bahrain....some people thinks so.
Meanwhile Qatar Racing Club will be holding it's second round of Sand Drag Championship at Sealine Qatar. Event sponsored by Mawater Qatar will be involving the best jeep modified and stock,buggies,ATV in this round on the 11th March 2016. You don't want to miss that

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