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The season finale : Sealine Sand Drag Qatar

It will be a long and unending  journey that I can tell you for free...and that's the fun side of it. To many of speed enthusiasts in Doha here is  another chance to speed off the lonely Sealine Beach Road for Qatar's Sealine Sand Drag. Witness a 1500HP Nissan cruisers and patrols shake off the sand pebbles lounge at the luxurious Sealine Beach Resort and just dust off  the weeks unending showers in Qatar.

Qatar Racing Club holds the season finale with over QAR 120K to be awarded in this round's round up. Sealine Sand Drag a seasonal event and  occasion to test Qatar's strongest 4×4 cars in 91m with occasional s invitation to stronger Polaris  in the land.It was a fun thing that just changed the dream of motorsport.

The top most speed in the exciting 6 cylinder category was by reached by Al Anabi's pointman Mahana Al Naemi with a tough 4.2seconds in just over the 91m mark.
The Qatar Jeep Owners Groups also participate in this round's sensational event with buggies both stock and modified being the funnest to watch.
Well the journey begins for us here at Race It. It's another time to jst get off the 1/4 mile track and go slightly lower to 91m that's the fun of this.

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