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I am continually amazed at how much abuse these cars can continually handle.

Free Style Drifting turns fiery Photo By Kings Edwin
Mawater Ramadan Free Style Drift Championship is here once more and the town can't sleep anymore.Just not another day for a Qatari youth to stay home that biturbo charged Nissan 4 Wheel that has stayed in the garage better part of the winter. I know more is expected,the gusto,pride,the damage,the smoke and all.I would be lying to admit that i find this totally annoying. I have grown to like the 4x4 free style drifting than any motorsport i have been to in my quite brief career as motorsport photojournalist. 
Then a loud BAAANG and willowing smoke Photo by Kings Edwin
No rules of engagement,just kick the gas and hit whichever wall of tyres as you scrub-off your rheems on the drift pad. Occasionally you expect accident,some ruthless lass who will just go so hard and forget to break. Then a loud BAAANG and willowing smoke. Good for any cameraman here at QRC who scramble for little space to get some captures.
I know 4X4 is not so loudly acclaimed as motorsport...but hell yeah who cares when there is so much fun and adrenaline rush in watching miserably tight J-Turns,U-Turns,reverse without protocols and disorderly in one night?Free Style Drifting is the only sure way to drive out anger,frustrations at work or school. Free Style Drifting is the CURE.

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