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Pinoy Harley Riders Qatar best surprise for a Brit family in Doha.

Zach,a young lad's simple wish to meet a biker and ride a Harley-Davidson was spoken about by a Brit Granddad to a Pinoy Harley Rider member.
"Can I ask a favor to bring your HD bike and give my grandson an experience mate? …I want to surprise him…he is arriving from UK this Friday morning…he is into these machines but never had an up close personal experience with these bikes.. A quick go around the block would be a nice treat for him.... “These were the words of a loving granddaddy…

But instead meeting a single biker…The PHRQ pack decided to surprise him even better. 11 strong Pinoy Harley Riders Qatar convoyed to West Bay to meet Zach and his family. The lad was all smiles to see not one HD biker but a pack of roaring pipes was at his sight to offer him a ride. PHRQ gave the lad a back seat view of the pack to ride off the sunset in Doha…we got a big thumbs up of thank you for giving him a good memory to bring home to UK.

‘’Simple things matter... We riders don’t just ride…we wish the same for all to see and feel what we feel in 2 wheels…’’

"Bikers always have the window seat" …

V-twins engines with a full tank between your legs on a 100km/hr highway are truly a "circus" ... everyone loves the Circus - Maria Imelda 

These Photos were captured by Maria Imelda Enrile Photographer in Doha Qatar.

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