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Calendar of Arabian Drag Racing League season 2017 is out.Time to rewrite both 1/4 Mile and 1/8 Mile records?

ADRL 2016 - 2017 Schedule Designed by Zen Zen
Qatar Racing Club has announced the ADRL 2016 - 2017 Schedule. The first round will be taking place on JANUARY 26th & 27th. The two day event will be this season's first ADRL in 2017 expected to attract the best drag racing team in Europe,America,South America,Middle East and Asia as the previous season.
Arabian Drag Racing League is arguably the biggest drag racing league in middle east and Asia.Will the Records in ProMod and OutLaw classes be re-written on this track in Qatar again? Will Season 2017 be another opportunity for Al Anabi's finest duos to rewrite there world record in legal pro mod and outlaw 10.5 held by H.E Sheikh Khalid and Mustafa Atat respectively?
ROUND 2 is scheduled to take place on 2nd and 3rd FEBRUARY
ROUND 3 is scheduled to take place on 9th & 10th FEBRUARY

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