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HGK BMW 2 Series 'F22 Eurofighter' finally put to the test in Qatar (First Video)

MK Racing finally put to the test the HGK Motorsport impressively built BMW 2 Series otherwise known 'F22 Eurofighter' during the Open Track Day Event held in preparation for Qatar Drift Championship season 2016 - 2017 in Qatar Racing Club.And Oh Yes...the rumors in town were just right,we have never seen a car so impressively built to drift like the MK Racing acquired god on earth ' Eurofighter'

The 2 Series Coupe was built to the Formula Drift Specification by Latvian tuner for HGK Motorsport and delivered to Qatar for the Qatari playboy billionaire Mohamad Al Khaiat of MK Racing. AlKhaiat is a Qatari pro-drift driver with various podium appearances in the local championships i.e former Red Bull Car Park Drift Champion and one time champion at Qatar Drift Championship judged by Formula Drift Tech teams drifting under the banner MK Racing Team.
Underneath the military inspired paint finish  carbon-fire-worked body is  a Mast Motorsport  built 40 liter fuel cell General Motors LS  V8 Crate Engine (commonly seen in Chevrolet Corvette cars) with a samsonas five-speed sequential transmission delivering a 820 hp under Kevler at 7000 rpm and peak torque of 920 Nm. With such proper equipment under the hood the 'F22  Eurofighter' is definitely what we call an all-purpose destroyer on a drift skid pad.

The MK Racing owned 'F22 Eurofighter' takes complete inspiration from Eurofighter Typhoon and Lockhead Martin F-22 Raptor fighter planes. In power and gusto. This is not another car for the streets. 
Let’s go to war folks.

The bottom-line is...

the HGK BMW 2 series 'F22  Eurofighter'  'god on earth' is definitely an all-purpose destroyer on these roads now - Kings Edwin

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