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Internet breaks after Ferrari V8 458 Engine is swapped into a Toyota!

 Ferrari V8 458 Engine is swapped into a Toyota!
How do you swap a Ferrari V8 into a Toyota?
Spoiler alert,everything and any other thing about this project is insanely amazing. Wrapping up the year crazy engine swaps, Ryan Tuerck - crazy drifter and engine builder, has swapped a Ferrari V8 458 engine into a GT86 Toyota. A formerly impossible idea,holly Molly it shoots beautiful fireballs too.

Here are some of the comments that broke the internet with the trending Ryan Tuerck Project leading from the front was 1320 Video Kyle Loftis.

Kyle Loftis shared Donut Media's video.
9 hrs
The car is cool... but wtf did someone steal the audio of my laugh and add it over this? Or is that guy my laugh twin?

Adriaan Scholtz It lives! That thing ridiculous!
LikeReply3 mins
Joseph Jr Hunter Bad as fuck!💪💪👊
LikeReply9 hrs
Brodie Anderson Your a piece shit Ryan Tuerck

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