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Zain Racing refurbished Jerry bickel built pontiac firebird.!! We love it.

refurbished Jerry bickel built pontiac firebird
Mohamed Salama,has probably one of the best track histories with 4.5 index in the entire Gulf Drag racing records. With a new season kicking off with vigorous drag racing events in Qatar and Bahrain we had a pre-season chit-chat with the Zain sponsored Bahrain racing team  when we discovered the refurbishing of his peculiar Pontiac fire-bird.

From what had started as a 'hi-how are you' text on instagram,quickly turned into an exciting conversation than we had entirely anticipated.
Under the hood of the completely renovated Pontiac fire-bird is a Jerry bickel built pro-mod equipped with the right engine and transmission to compete in the 4.5 index. A more versatile than a ka-bar 632 CI Shafiroff Racing engine with 3 stages of  speed tech Nitrous generating a 2200hp at full power.This is the kind of ''Universal Soldier'' you need for a drag racing warfare
The Zain Racing will be participating  at the 1st round Bahrain Championship on the 8th Nov,2016 followed by a couple more tests and tuning to the build up to the ADRL in the new year.

We will be racing in Bahrain then we travel to Doha,Qatar to defend our title at the ADRL.We are working very hard to maintain the title of 4.4 index champion for the third time in a row - Mohamed Salama Zain Racing Team.

Mohamed Salama has won twice, 4.5 index titles at the  ADRL  in 2015 and 2016,one title at the YAS Drag Race Championship in 2012 and highly competitive Bahrain Championship title in 2012.

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