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The Mercedes-Benz Pickup ''The Concept“ has been revealed. Holy mother of Germans!!

Mercedes Benz Pick-Up Concept premiered on live-stream Tuesday night from the amazing location at  Artipelag Stockholm Sweden yes it's not another 'cow boy bakkie'. And 'holy mother of Germans!' was my reactions. Mercedes-Benz presented Class X which is now the historical predecessor of the 'LaPickup' based on the legendary ''/8'' model assembled in Argentina in the 1970.

It has been along wait since a Mercedes Benz pick-up was designed and as the X Class arrives it does not only target the the ready markets in Europe,but is clearly built to embrace the rugged terrains of South America,Africa,Australia,Middle East ad even Asia as any other off-road truck out here. So why X Class?

We were observing our key markets which is not only Europe but Australia,South America and Africa when we built this midsize pick-up as stylish explorer and a powerful adventure - Kai Sieber MEC Operations.

The Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class
While building an off-road car the emphasis is always on strength,power and muscular body kit,the Mercedes designers did not leave out the desire of beauty and passion on the finish of the midsize pick up as their production policy manifest with the AMG series.With off-road abilities and ability to winch yourself out of mud,this car that Kai mentions as a conflicting contrast of 'beauty and beast' is going to be one of the best autobuilds in the end of  2017 with a lot of features still under designs and finishing. With the possibility of strength and beauty in one wrap,the X Class will be a desire for a lifetime adventure.
Although amidst complains in the Middle East concerning the horsepower this car can pack,the Mercedes X Class can be easily classified as a 'midsize pick-up' and not a race car per say.Its car built for the concept of lifestyle and elegance,what Kai calls 'hot and cool' that has been the Mercedes Benz production car policies.
We can today confirm that the Mercedes Benz pick up cars will available in the market at the end of 2017.
Here are more Photos screen shot from the concept premier  of the Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class in Sweden and embedded video from the concept event if you missed it.
front ofThe Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Classinterior of The Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class

front ofThe Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class

the Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class

Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class
wheels of the Mercedes-Benz Pickup X Class

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