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The season's opener is here at Qatar Racing Club. #FreeStyleDrifting

Free Style Drifting open track day Photo by Kings Edwin 
With the first free style drifting open track day of the season 2016 - 2017 scheduled for Thursday at Qatar Racing Club,fast motorsport enthusiast can finally have an assurance that the season 2016 - 2017 just kicked off in Qatar Racing club,rather later than it had been planned.
Free Style Drifting open track day coming up as this season's event opener didn't come as a shocker in retrospect to the  last season's 2015 - 2016 round up. It was evident that QRC would want to pick it up from where they left.
Open track day provides a podium and opportunity for the underground racing teams within Qatar to build and tune strong 4X4 SUVs for an adrenaline cracking burn out,j-turns and speed at the magnificent QRC facility in the Industrial Area of Doha.
There will be an open doors registration for this event at Qatar Racing Club on Thursday night from 5pm to 8pm of 13 Oct,2016.
Drifting Enthusiast throng the stands at a past event in Qatar Racing Club 

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