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Unveiling Fakhroo's mechanically brutal V8 Roush Yate 410 ci 900HP Ford Mustang.

formery owned by Falken Mustan now In Qatar - Photo By Kings Edwin

Mechanically brutal, this season's drifting is going to be.

It’s not hard to come to grips with the fact that we’re all envious of Abdulrahman Fakhroo gusto and progress in the Gulf-Auto-Drift world.Not only is the man considered one of the finest newbie drifter in Qatar  but also he got to beat all the pro drifters in this region's crowd puller Red Bull Car Park Drift Edition.
mechanically brutal V8 Roush Yate 410 ci 900HP Ford Mustang Photo by Kings Edwin

And if there’s one thing that really makes us jealous of him, it’s that he gets to drive a pretty sick, custom-tuned,brutally built 900HP V8 RoushYate 410ci  Ford Mustang  in  this season's much awaited Qatar Drift Series in Doha organised by Qatar Racing Club in the East Industrial Area.

It goes without saying that you aren't going anywhere in drifting without a season's sponsor, unless your last name is Gates and you have a family fortune to disperse - Falken Mustang.
Qatari drifter  Abdulrahman  Fakhroo massively brought Ooredoo on-board his project and the end result was a brutally built Ford Mustang that will be hard to beat in this season’s Qatar Drift Championship.
Under The Hood is a V8 engine Roush yate 410 ci. with 900HP of power with a Dogbox transmission so you would never miss a gear again! It has also a Winter Quick change Differential with Wilwood break system .Electronic wise it got the Motec800 ECU tuned by Al Anabi and everything inside for the interior is by Sparco while the body is full carbon fiber design - Mawater Arabia Publication
mechanically brutal V8 Roush Yate 410 ci 900HP Ford Mustang Photo by Kings Edwin

With a 900-horsepower Ford Mustang by his side and massive sponsorship of the Middle East’s telecommunication giant Ooredoo, we don’t expect anything less from the man that has made his name in the Gulf as arguably  the next King of auto drifting.
 Early Career
Abdulrahman  Fakhroo has competed in the amateur level of the Qatar Drift Championship appearing on the podium three times since 2013.Posting on his official instagram account after the launch at Qatar Racing Club's magnificent drift pad,Fakhroo only hopes to better his position at the drift series ahead,

...thanks for your support.I will be sure to make an effort to achieve better place this year in our Drift Championship -  Abdulrahman Fakhroo On Instagram

Watch video of the launch at Qatar Racing during the first Open Track Day for salon drifting of the season 2016 - 2017

Bonus Photos
All photos in this blog are original works of  Kings Edwin - Photographer in Qatar Doha and SHOULD NOT  be used without his accreditation for any commercial use. To download these photos for illustrative purposes ONLY go to M.Fakhroo's 900HP Ford Mustang Rash Yates 410ci V8

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