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Mashel Al Naimi with another brace at BSBK Round 2.

Mashel Al Naimi with another brace at  BSBK Round 2
Mashel Al Naimi continues to enjoy his winning streak into the Round 2 of the BSBK 2nd Dec. 2016. Coming as round 1 champion it was palpable and  less unbelievable to think that Mashel will ease the pace at the round 2 tournaments.

  • Practice and Qualifying

Opening the night of practice Al Naimi registered a stellar performance achieving average speed 134.64km/h and  riding to the qualifying as number one where he  registered another stunner performance gathering  average speed of 135.01km/h which comfortably saw him at the start grid pole right row one.Available now - Pactice and Qualifying  full results here

  • Race 1 Results 

Mashel's  'magic' did not stop there. Picking up from where he left at the Round 1 in the flood lit circuit,riding Ducati Ooredoo Sponsored bike in his legendary 95 kit nobody could shake him off the brace in Bahrain.

Leading race 1 at average speed of 134.29km/h as Australia rider Aaron Moris closing the gap with another personal best at average speed of 131.56km/hr. Wasn't a good night enough to rekindle a possible victory for Qatari guys, Fahad Al Suwaidi efforts could only end him at the 4th position as Mike Spike settles down for a 3rd finish. Race 1 Full Results HERE

Happy for both wins in 2nd round of Bahrain Superbike Championship BSBK, i want to thank Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani for sponsoring me and for sure Ooredoo Qatar and  friends for support - Mashel Al Naimi. 
Ian Charles (UK)  did  not reach the 75% of the 11 laps hence not ranked at the race 1.
  • Race 2 Results
Race 2 was almost a Qatari affair as another ooredoo sponsored rider Al Suwaidi squeezed to the 3rd podium finish with Aaron Moris (AUSTR) taking the second podium. Mashel lifting the race 2 at average speed 133.00km/h to register another clinical finish in Bahrain.Race 2 full results Here

Bonus Photos
Mashel Al Naimi with another brace at  BSBK Round 2

Mashel Al Naimi with another brace at  BSBK Round 2

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