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Moe Atat with a brace for Al Anabi Performance in Bahrain .

Al Anabia Performance  team shook off the other drivers  racing in Arabian Pro Series in Manama Bahrain after a nearly 'terrible'  start of the season at the round 1.
Fielding in the world outlaw record holder KH Series V6 powered corvette in the outlaw 10.5, Moe rightly knew what to do, in a car with so much power, to steer to the podium finish for a win in Bahrain in a final that was an all Al Anabi  affairs in Bahrain international circuit.
The new KH owned Jerry Bickel built 69 camaro got its first win in the Championship and putting Al Anabi back to the winning ways after almost horrible start in the tournament last month . Frank Manzo was less surprised knowing the new car has slowly started to respond to the tests and builds being modified in it.The KH blown metallic stripped camaro is one of the many cars we have been following  in Bahrain and the newly formed Arabian pros series and we are hopeful that before the 2017 knocks off we will have to witness a new record at the ADRL.

Mahana Al Naemi though not at the finals is considerable the biggest winner in this tournament with a World Record pass at 1/8th mile in a pro nitrous speedtech camaro. Mahana run of 3.668s is now sitting at the top of the world 1/8th mile records.
Lizzy Musi consistency runs did not pay off at the finals feeling the pressure of going against the experienced driver Moe Atat. Everyone expected Lizzy to win the championship she got a little early on the tree giving Moe an overly less tight-fight to the title.
The biggest winners at the APS round 2 would definitely be a al anabi team who had all their  cars in the finals of each category.
The red blown corvette and kh series V6 corvette both at the finals of the outlaw category and  ss 69 blown camaro steered by mustafa Atat and the dodge dart pat musi  powered engine at  the finals of the final race.
Round 2 is  in a few days time and Al Anabi will be definitely the team to beat In the next round of the tournament in Manama Bahrain.  
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mahana al naemi - world fastest ppro mod driver

moe atat world fastest outlaw driver

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