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Announcement:Qatar Mile Round 1 schedule

Qatar Mile - biggest land-speed festival in the middle east
Qatar Mile is arguably the biggest land speed festival in the Middle East with racers and speed enthusiast literary jaunting the dessert to Qatar's Al Khor Air field for the gathering. Attracting quite a large number of racers from Kuwait,Bharain,and recently Dubai,Qatar Mile has grown to be one of the most anticipated land speed gatherings of all time.

Organised by Qatar Racing Club the event has three main and highly competitive entry categories  i.e. Stock,Modified and Unlimited. Last season we had a stunner with one invitation round that saw only the best teams from the previous rounds called for a closed door race in what QRC called Qatar Mile Invitation Round! And V2 Performance led by Ali Kafoud had a wonderful time with world records in his 'vette.
This season is about to kick off and QRC has published the events schedule.

Event Schedule – Round 
9/10 – December – 2016
All registration for the event will be done on-site at Al Khor Air Field on Thursday December 8th from 4-8pm and Friday beginning at 7am. Upon arrival, please stop at front gate to pay registration fee (500) and proceed directly to technical inspection prior to parking.



Qatar Mile - biggest land-speed festival in the middle east

1. 4 Cylinder (4-S)
2. 6 Cylinder (6-S)
3. 8 Cylinder (8-S)
4. Street Bike (S-B)
5. Bike Stock (B-S)
6. SUV (SUV-S)


7. 4 Cylinder (4-M)
8. 6 Cylinder (6-M)
9. 8 Cylinder (8-M)
10. Bike (B-M)
11. SUV (SUV-M)


12. SUV Unlimited (SUV-U)
13. 6 Cylinder (6-U)
14. 8 Cylinder (8-U)
7:00 – Gates Open
7:00 - Technical Inspection 7am-12pm
9:00 – Mandatory Drivers Meeting and Course Overview at Race Control
9:30 – Runway Opens / Speed Session #1 Begins
11:15 – Prayer
12:00 – Continue Speed Session #1 followed by Session #2
5:30 – Runway Closes

Qatar Mile - biggest land-speed festival in the middle eastSaturday

7:00 – Gates Open
9:00 – Runway Opens / Speed Session #3 Begins
2:00 – Following Session

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