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World Fastest Out Law 10.5 KH Series V6 powered Corvette with a 3.88s finish 0.01s away from its world record

World Fastest Out Law 10.5 in Bahrain
Moe Atat - Al Anabi and Steve Petty of the proline racing are picking up from where they set  world record of Out Law 10.5 only that  this time not in Qatar. They traveled overseas to Bahrain where the KH Series V6 with the AlAnabi team have had great wins in the second round of the tournament wining both Pro Mod and Out Law classes of the competition at round 2 stage after a near horrible start at Round 1. AAP had an all finals affairs in Bahrain with two outlaw cars in the finals and 2 pro mod cars in the finals as well. A good comeback for the Qatari team who by the way set Pro Nitrous World Record with Mahana Al Naemi 3.66s in speedtech camaro.

Steve Petty Proline Racing
Steve Petty Proline Racing 
Meanwhile Moe Atat black 'mean looking' corvette is lighting up the scenes in the Arabian Pro Series with efforts trying to lower the outlaw record in Bahrain or Qatar this January. We were excited that it's gonna go lower soon...and we are still hopeful for that.
As the ADRL kick off is awaited for there is one round of drag racing in Bahrain before all heads turn to Qatar Racing Club Drag strip where  the outlaw 10.5 record was created. The track at QRC is smooth and altitudes in Doha makes it flattest drag strip in the world hence many fast cars goes really fast here.  And with the kind of Pro Line Racing power plant in that V6 corvette we definitely are gearing up for a record screamer perhaps even much lower than 3.87s.

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