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2016 Cobra Jet Mustang - the only 2 out of 50 outside the US!

MK Racing team in Qatar have a number of  speed monsters in their collectibles. After franchising the only HGK built BMW M2 F22 eurofighter we have been extensively covering in Qatar and a blue Lamborghini aventador that we filmed drifting sometime back,the Qatar racing sport team added another big league rare jet in their collections.The 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet that was unveiled sometime late of Oct  2015.
2016 Cobra Jet is massively  built for one thing in precision - drag race and the only two of its kind that are found out of the United States are here with MK Racing spotted in Qatar Racing Club drag tests and tune.
The Cobra Jet For Mustang is not your normal day-to-see drag race car,this car was built by Ford Mustang to the requirements of the NHRA stock and super stock competitions.And just by the thought that they were unveiled sometime in the the late 2015 it would be so hard to believe two of these beasts (the only ones out of the US) will be roaming  the facility of Qatar Racing Club.

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