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Mohamad Al Masri,case of bad things happens to good people!

The comradery and family nature of drifting in the Middle East never fails to impress me, and it’s something that has not change a bit in the recent past as witnessed at Qatar Drift Championship Round 2. Pointblank I wouldn’t want to change it either.

Pro Drift drivers like Ahmed Allouh and Waleed Salem and many others often are seen at the track going out of their way and time  to share some tricks, guidance on drifting in QRC drift pad. And that’s what this league has been all about in the recent past, growing together!

So, when Mohamed Al Masri ‘wally’ incident happened just a few days after having little face-lift on his car 560HP BMW E46, I watched as a group of drivers looked in disbelief and sympathy as Al Masri’s 2003 2JZ bima lose control and fly over the tires at the drift pad. Unusual prolonged silence took over the arena! Kind of silence that keeps you thinking how just everyone wanted to see him walk out of that!And our prayers were answered!Not so horrible as it looked, and even less horrible as Al Masri later confirmed. But we all felt he is one of those drift drivers who have worked so hard past in these few years on their cars and such incidents just tears and wears them down. We all had a similar opinion. After the incident, we had a word over the phone and learnt the wreckage did not take much of the E46, with only the inter-cooler and radiator getting a scratch. Nothing big to keep him out of the championship's top-tie fight. Impressive. Because this league sure needs all its brutal drivers at it. And Al Masri is one dirty drifter!Round 2 was his day...cam in strong as qualifier one,but bad things again kept him off the podium!
Building a drift car here Is way expensive, and time consuming. The competition level has spiraled. The standards are raised and the league has matured up so quick in just a little 5 years of inception. To be able to go side by side with those brutal V8’s we saw at Qatar Drift Championship, a team really has to build a car that is equally brutal, nasty and naughty. With teams like MK Racing out there with their brutal 800+hp HGK built BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter and willingness to spend more, one really has to take time and finesse in building a car as Al Masri’s E46. Brutal car with only 560hp but a sure drift machine! That’s why bad things,as that wall incident, sinks our heart!
  • What’s under the hood
  • 2jz super engine
  • Special suspension
  • Custom built fiber doors
  • Wise Fab angle

Mohamed Al Masri,little known as the dirty drifter, bought the E46 just as used street car, built it from its chassis to what we now see and admire. And the wreckage, did not take much of it. When he lost drift after his petrol pedal failed after the first clipping zone, he ran into the walls and thanks to the new safety requirements and the tires on the walls he walked out of it safe. Al Masri came to the semis of the Round as qualifier number one. Which puts him as equal title contender in this year's championship.Here is video of the wall accident!


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