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Fastest 1/2 Mile N/A Corvette in the World!!

We did it again. Ran a 187.5mph over 1/2 mile making it the Fastest 1/2 mile N/A Corvette in the world. All this on a stock T56, stock rear end, stock suspension, stock axles, No burnout and Spinning on those MT 18s. We really need to get a 15inch setup for this car and some good axles - Ahmed Malik after the record pass.
Few weeks ago we reported a C6Z06 Corvette breaking the N/A (both manual and auto transmission)1/4 mile world record in Qatar Racing Club,barely a month has passed and Piranha team member Ahmed Malik was at it again,this time over a longer distance in his second attempt at Qatar Mile Round 3(Season Finale). Driving Ali Kafoud tuned C6Z06 to a 301.60km/h (make that 187.5@1/2 mile) now puts them at fastest N/A corvette in the world over half mile.
Fastest 1/2 Mile N/A Corvette in the World
Fastest 1/2 Mile N/A Corvette Photo by Manuel Bedoyan

I would Like to thank all my team for the accomplishment, car was done at 3am and at the track at 7 am we found a cracked bell housing when we were changing oil that we didn't notice after the last event. Glad everything worked out and we made it - Ahmed Malik Via Social Media

Al Khor Airfield and better part of Doha,experienced higher temperatures today with,stronger winds blowing in the opposing direction that clearly kept this team from making a world record with a car straight out of the trailer in first attempt. First pass went went 299.60km/h (186.2mph) spinning in the 2nd to leaving him the fastest N/A stick shift 1/2 mile car in the world coming closer to the current 186.8mph in a sequential car (before he broke the record). They had an hour or less to quickly make adjustments to the car and clearly they made some quick decisions that played pivotal role  in breaking the N/A Corvette 1/2 mile world record at 187.5mph minutes later.

  • Turning Point
I am running stock axles so no burnout. Hopefully do better on the 2nd pass with a little more aggressive launch - Ahmed Malik Via Social Media before going for the world record.

  • Insight
Special thanks to my Brother Kandri Corvette and also Mohammed Aldashti for getting the cam to us.Also thanks to my guys at Five Motorsports and V2 Performance Special thanks to the Tuner Ali Kafoud for the amazing work on Professional EFI Systems Inc. 128 system and wiring the car and sensors.Special thanks to all others Jaber Al-Jaber Mohammed Ibrahim And everyone else that helped or showed support -Jubilant Malik after reaching a new milestone (N/A Corvette half mile record)

  • Whats under the hood
  • Alkandari Z06 
  • RHS tall deck block,
  • 507 cubic inch 
  • Mast Heads and intake,
  • American racing headers,
  • stock T56 Manual transmission 
  • Stock Differential, 
  • Stock driveshaft and Axles 
  • 18" Weld Racing wheels with Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. 
  • VP Racing Q16 fuel. 
  • Tuned by: Ali Kafoud using ProEFI 128 Engine management
  • Driven by : Ahmed Malik
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