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WORLD RECORD!El General/Q80 Racing run a smashing 5.40@259 in a Hemi Pro Boost Corvette

5.40@259 in a Hemi Pro Boost Corvette
'Trusting is Beauty We Need Arm Restrains' That was the commentators baffled at the record run by Pro Line Racing team  Watching him drive the corvette and not lifting off that thing at the 965 was amazing.Straining himself from letting go as the boost kicks in.

PDRA on its first day and its all not all fun and play at the scoreboards at Southern Extreme where this world record pass was reset by the pro line team bringing there PLR Hemi engine ,precision turbos and AJPE custom cylinder heads into a Corvette after vigorous tunes and runs in the Gulf's Arabian Pro Series and Bahrain Drag Racing Championships that ended a couple of weeks. El General/Q80 Racing ran a humiliating 5.40@259 mp to take the overall door car 1/4 mile ET world record in a Corvette! Congrats to the team for their overwhelming passion to continually push the bar.

Pro Line Racing went 5.40@273 in Bahrain with Ekanoo's Pro Boost RCF Lexus and it was evident that anything they would ship back home for PDRA was going to go real fast. And the Corvette just stole that spot at the PDRA Southern Extreme Nationals flying the Kuwait Racing ambitions higher in the championship.

That was a deserved world record watching them ride. God bless you guys.

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