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Meet the Alpha K GT-R! 3rd quickest GT-R in the world at 7.09@205

t’s time to formally introduce this fire spitting speedster GT-R ‘the AlphaK’ (K stands for Khalifa) who is also pivotal and active member in Alpha Logic ownership. To our little and much surprise (little in the fact that Alpha Logic is one of serious performance shops we know here and much in the essence that they own a project that’s nearly months old now sits at 3rd fastest R-35 in the world at 1/4 Mile). This new set up was completed nearly a week and half and has run a 7.09@205 on its 3rd full pass. Sitting on this ladder as well is the Ekanoo Racing GT-R. Now that tells you how serious the contenders in this ladder are.

The 'AlphaK GTR' is built and tuned by Alpha Logic Performance and they have been here in Qatar Racing Club testing the fire spitting monster which was a rare opportunity to meet the entire team that put such power in one house – ‘the Alpha K’

The AMSPerformance turbo kit and billet engine is along with t1Race fuel, and ignitions systems controlled by Motec M1 electronics is already proving very effective for Alpha Logic Performance.

These photos are copyright work of Kings Edwin - Kenyan born photojournalist practicing in Doha, Qatar. He can be reached via Instagram here.

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