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The Red Reaper Stretching the Limits!

Ali Kafoud drove 2009 Nissan GT-R at full tilt reaching a new milestone (fastest 6 cylinder modified at half mile)record in the history of Qatar Mile that officially registered him as a potential contender in the hunt for the fastest GT-R in the world,a chase that has been going on for a while now!
At 380.06km/h (236.21@1/2 mile) shortly before he ran a blistering 376km/h in the same distance,it would definitely be the car to look out for in the quest for the 400km/h club. 
Qatar Mile Round 3 will be the season finale for the season 2016/17 before mile racing goes off season for the better part of the summer,and the Piranha team are definitely in the mood for going fast. Ali Kafoud Nissan GT-R,casually refereed to as the 'red reaper' now stands as the 3rd fastest GT-R.Video Embedded Below this post!

  • Whats Under The Hood
  • Willall Racing GT-R Billet Block
  • Extreme turbo systems 
  • Shep transmission
  • T1R Fuel System
  • Motec ECU keeping things in check

The red reaper did it again!
1st place in the 8-cylinder modified with top speed of 380kkm/h,
small issues to be solved. Stay tuned for the next round! - Jaber Al Jaber @PiranhaTeam

    3rd fastest Nissan GT-R in the world.
    3rd fastest Nissan GT-R in the world.

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