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Opinion:MK Racing Should wrap-up Qatar Drift Championship Round 2 as early as 6pm!

Middle East Drift Championship was by no means a stunner and by far a hut butt cracker for a league at its infancy stage,more so in region literary littered by more of 4x4 free-style drifting and less of salon drifting.But we got to witness a great first Qatar debut for this brutal HGK BMW M2 F22 Eurofighter V8 monster  and Mohammad Al Khaiat on its wheels  showing consistency at those clippers putting up a stellar performance in the just concluded round one debut of Middle East Drift Championship in Doha.Drifting in the Middle East was until few years back at its infancy stage...but we have really been surprised to see big names coming up on drift lifestyle blogs and drift posts around the media in the global village. One such names that will not skip our lips is the MK Racing's morning star Mohammad Al Khait now comfortably sung along Ahmad Daham 'AD 24' and the Kuwait maestro of Ali Makhseed and Meysar Abushaibah. These are legendary drift drivers going pro really quick and bringing big sponsors with them to the league. Such is the arena Mohammad Al Khaiat finds himself setting tires on. Can he stand the heat and grip of time?
Coming from staunch drifting lifestyle,Al Khait has clearly invested his time and mind in the sports and now continues to enjoy the spot as a rare pro drift driver and a passionate sportsman with all means to getting to the top on the Arab league and who knows what else might sweep in the way? We are talking Europe and even a possible Formula Entry level. He brings with him style,consistency and above all commitment to the game  that leaves all these other equally gifted Arab drift drivers and drift goers at the stands cheering on to that tail of smoke pushed behind the military Kevlar fiber body armor hooding BMW M2 in its flamboyancy suit.
MK Racing owner -Mohammad Al Khait
We have filmed,photographed and documented him race from his first drift car in Qatar to now a new M2 that has just competed in only two championships;one in Qatar and the other in Yas Marina UAE...and yes we can now say that MK Racing now owns a bad ass car and terrific driver on the pits and on the tracks. A lethal combination vital in winning championships and creating a killer drift recipe!
The HGK F22 Eurofighter is a monster and as loud as its V8 engine roars,nothing is going to stop this brutal car in winning championships here in Qatar or even Middle East. And yes we tested it at the MEDC R1. Victory in nigh!
As the QDC ROUND 2 returns to Qatar Racing Club...one thing we are confident about is,if the lights come up on the  podium come Saturday night,Mohammad Al Khait will be on it. And what a way it will be to finish off where he started at Middle East Drift Championship and voted  as the best run of the night showing great speed and pin-point accuracy at the clipping zones and the only driver to so so at the qualifying
Briefly...Middle East Drift Championship for a few of you  who might be new with racing in the Middle East and Qatar in general,is classical drifting opera inviting 16 pro drifter in the gulf,USA and as far as Europe.We haven't seen such an event in the Middle East in a long time. Coming to a second position at such prestigious event will be a real actor motivation that spurs confidence in any drift driver.
Photos courtesy of MK Racing Media
Here is a little teaser of what action will be like at Qatar Drift Championship this weekend

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