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Hussain Al Shammari eyes FIA Pro Mod in a nitrous assisted '70 Camaro - Firestorm!

Hussain Al Shammari eyes FIA European Drag Racing Championship in his fierce Pro Nitrous SS Camaro and hopeful to do a complete season/tour in Europe after violent runs in the Arabian Drag Racing League(Qatar) and Bahrain Drag Racing Championship(Bahrain).
We refreshed the engine and made it ready before shipping it to England for FIA Championship. Some big thanks for my team who worked hard to make everything ready just in time. I’m very excited and remain optimist this season because I had a lot problem with the car racing in the Middle East but so far, the car is perfect to race in Europe after we fixed our problems – Hussain Al Shammari via Social Media.
Hussain Al Shammari Pro Nitrous Camaro flames ADRL - Qatar 2017
Hussain Al Shammari Pro Nitrous Camaro flames ADRL - Qatar 2017
  • Prelude
  • Hussain tested the FIA European Championship last year (2016) teaming up with Kuno Racing  and driving the team’s second blown-alcohol -Avenger before getting his own Pro Mod car this season campaigning on a nitrous assisted 1970 SS Camaro that has comfortably competed in the PDRA Drag Stock 2015, Arabian Drag Racing League (2016-2017), Bahrain Drag Racing Championship (2017-2017) and the defunct Arabian Pro Series (2017) both in Qatar and Bahrain.
We are happy today, we go down the truck after we changed everything in the car. Had a few problems with the chassis after the back to back races in Qatar and Bahrain. We are not going fast yet, but the car is ready for some action in Europe for a first round in Santa Pod FIA European Championship – Hussain Al Shammari Via Social Media after testing in Bahrain
Al Shammari consistently ran in the 3.8s,3.9s at eighth mile and would be comfortable to dance in the 5.8s, 5.7s @ ¼ mile in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship season 2017. Without a big sponsor yet on the Kuwait team, but the entire team is hopeful to gather all the resources they can and make a complete tour in the FIA European Championship this year that starts in May,just in time after racing season is over here in the Middle East. Here is FIA Event's date and schedules!
  • FIA European Drag Racing Championship 2017 Event Dates are as follows:
  • May 26-29 Santa Pod Raceway, UK
  • June 15-18 Tierp Arena, Sweden **
  • June 29- July 2 Alastaro, Finland **
  • August 18-20 HockenheimRing, Germany**
  • August 24-27 Tierp Arena, Sweden**
  • September 7-10 Santa Pod Raceway, UK

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