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Jaidah Automotive partners with Qatar Racing Club for Camaro Drift Experience!

Qatar Racing Club in partnership with Jaidah Automotive - a subsidiary of Jaidah Group,and exclusive dealer of Chevrolet Motors in Qatar,announced the grand opening of Camaro Drift Experience at Qatar Racing Club Facility.
Camaro Drift School will provide a rookie drift training programme,divided into three levels,designed to give participants basic step by step training of the key drift techniques utilized by professional drifter.

Jaidah Automotive partners with Qatar Racing Club for Camaro Drift Experience!
The experience will take the shape of an ''arrive and race'' where the registered participants will be given LS3 V8 Chevrolet Camaro on-board trained professional instructors to learn with and complete designed tasks in the course outline. After full course completion,the successful participants will be awarded with certificates and the course outline be shared with all the participants.This will also play a mentorship kind of relationship between the professional drift instructors and the succesful participants who would want to venture into Pro Drifting in Qatar after a complete course work.
Qatar Racing Club aims to help students achieve the ultimate drifting experience;we encourage all aspiring professionals to acquire the necessary skills to enjoy the art of drifting. Camaro Drift Experience aims to provide a safer environment for the community of Qatar to obtain a necessary skills to enjoy the art of drifting.We are thrilled to partner with Jaidah Automotive in promoting a secure and sustainable space for future generations of drifters to thrive and master this unique sport - Fahad Bhazad -CEO Qatar Racing Club.
Camaro Drift Experience provides a brand new fleet of customized LS3 V8 Chevrolet Camaro's, a state of art dynamic space and world class professional instructors,offering students and exceptional experience of a lifetime,where one can learn to drift in a high powered rear wheel camaro cars!
Students registration has been going on from Dec 2016 and continues to be open for all to accommodate all the interested participants.
Drifting i a very popular sport in the Middle East,and we will continue to support and raise national awareness of importance of safety in the sport. The Camaro Drift Experience is a great opportunity to discover just how versatile the camaro car really is,cementing Chevrolet's reputation as a brand rooted in innovation and authenticity- Mohammed Jaidah,Group Executive Director of Jaidah Group.
Jaidah Automotive partners with Qatar Racing Club for Camaro Drift Experience!
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