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Trending Video : Jeep Car with CGI tires,flies over traffic like a BOSS!!

Jeep Car with CGI tires,flies over traffic
Jeep People are at it again. This time not just another Bundus off-road car,but something to beat the traffic with.Yea nice CGI tires moving sideways but it doesn’t bend with at least 2000 lbs on it. And no extended drive shaft?? F*ck out of here Is it a coincidence that traffic was jam pack bumper to bumper with cars of the same size allowing this jeep to easily pass as advertised. Reality though is that it's never like that.

It's a good idea for some outdoor adventure fun in bundus (away from the city)
The viral video attracted some hilarious comments though
Rafael Alsina Sánchez Well that won't work in real life, the line has to be perfect. That almost never happens. You can use it in Europe though, but not in the US and in FL they may stab and flat your tires for trying to pass like that.

Nicolaj Kramme Imagine how a traffic jam would look like if this was a common car, buttom row jammed top row jammed, news report be like, "today we will once again experience the double decker jam on this road today! Back to you John!"
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John Castiglia Wait for a dumbass to make one even taller that goes over those ones

Matthew J Ruta And when the dumb fuck is over me and I have a chance to make a legal left or right turn I take it fucking his car and mine up. Sue his ass and live a good life. That's not even legal first of all.

Jeep Car with CGI tires,flies over traffic

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