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Mark Zuckerberg NASCAR experience! 9,000RPM Holy Molly of Dale Earnhardt Jr!

If you thought you are the only one who gets excited in a 9000RPM built engine and a car that goes above 200mph,you are wrong. Meet Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg inside the cockpit of a NASCAR.
Hendrick Motorsports hosted Facebook founder in one of a NASCAR built racing car at Charlotte Speedway Park in North Carolina.And to give a quick tour of the facility was NASCAR's 3rd generation drive and fans favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr who is the only NASCAR driver to qualify for eight times for play-offs since 2004.

Mark was taken on-board for a few laps in the Nationwide 88 Chevrolet SS NASCAR and the heat at the cockpit was all that captured the Facebook founder.
''I learned a lot about the engineering that goes into these cars. Each engine is designed to run at 9,000 RPMs for 700 miles in a single race, and then it's done. It gets up to 140 degrees in the cockpit of the cars, and drivers are in there for up to five hours in a race. They drive an average close to 200mph during these races. That's a bit faster than I go in my GTI,'' Mark Zuckerberg 
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