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Nissan GTR goes 370.67km/h (230.32mph) in 1/2 Mile on debut day!

Just how much can a man/car do in just over 7 days? Alpha Logic Performance Nissan GTR goes 370.67km/h in 1/2 Mile at Qatar Mile Round Round 2, few days after clinching the second quickest GTR in the world in 1/4 Mile at Qatar Racing Club Facility. The 370km/h run goes into the history as the fastest mile car in the history of Qatar Mile. The Team looked upbeat ahead of day 2 as this was the fastest run of the day one and a first time for them in Al Khor Airstrip where the action takes place.

The run was made under low boost and under a bad weather with strong opposing wind,giving us just goosebumps to see that car can score on a calm day! Welcome Day 2!

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