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Nissan Kicks makes an epic entrance

We all waited for the TVC debut on the much-advertised minimal SUV Nissan Kick that debuted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil sometimes back 2016 August. Well, the commercial video premiered today on social media and soon to hit the Vlogs. From where we sit the Nissan Kicks made quite an epic entrance as expectation of any other Nissan automobile out here. Remember the Nissan Patrol -Hero Of All Terrains or Sand Invaders Vs Concrete Raiders as it was informally christened.
The Nissan Kicks debut did not fail to climax just like the 2017 Nissan Patrol. Set Up in a Rio's deserted factory district, Nissan Kick commercial video captures the contrast of bold, epic and beautiful to clients who want to be noticed.
Epic entrances are hard to make in an SUV this days, unless you are cruising in a future concept car Urus! Nissan Kicks is for a different clientele the urban crossover! Clientele with desire to get noticed at a pocket friendly figure.
  • What’s under the hood! 
  • A five-seating capacity, with a 1.6l petrol/ethanol engine relied upon to offer 105bhp-110bhp with transmission alternatives 5 - speed manual or a ceaselessly variable transmission (CVT).
The Nissan Kicks depends on the Kicks idea that softened concealment 2014 at the Sao Paulo Car Show. This idea was composed under the cooperation of Nissan Design America (NDA) San Diego, California and Nissan Design America (NDA-R) – the organization’s Brazil-based configuration studio satellite. The whole idea plan undertaking was led by Nissan’s Global Design Centre in Japan. This hybrid has been planned particularly for the developing markets, for example, Brazil and other South American nations - Nissan Kicks Reviews
Nissan Kicks makes an epic entrance

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