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Qatar Drift Championship Round 2 a repeat of Middle East Drift Championship finale #QatarVsKuwait!

Kuwait born drifter Mesyar Abushaibah chasing Qatar Mohammad Al Khaiat at Qatar Drift Round 2
Qatar Drift Championship Round 2 happened last weekend at the magnificent Qatar Racing Club facility in the East Industrial Area in the outskirts of Doha.It was amazing seeing locals boys and their V8's lining up at the pro category of the championship,though sad to admit the Middle East Championship raised the bar a little higher for the local championship. Nevertheless,the V8's pro built drift cars at the tandem drifting (eliminations and finals) that attended this round's championship completely impressed us  here at Race It Blog.
The First tandem drifting of the night was an all BMW affair. Aljaouni chasing MK Racing HGK built BMW M2 Eurofighter in a 2jz powered E46. Didn't turn out well for the driftline team  member from Jordan after a hurt butt foul start at the chase tail. Loosing that first chase was going to add a lot of points to MK Racing as he glues his bulky military carbon Kevlar on the 2JZ guy who seems to be having troubles with his car.
Mohammad Al Khaiat against Aljaouni Racing
Ahmed Allouh came back to the championship driving Jasim Al Suwaidi car and straight into the hot pad going after Kuwait's champion Mesya Abushaibah's Nissan Silvia who also is winner from last week's Middle East Drift Championship. First run was a close one with A. Allouh leading and Abushaibah chasing. But it was the second chase when Allouh lost drift to cost him a chance into the finals of Qatar Drift Championship.
On the other semi finals it was MK Racing against Mohamed Al Masri's E46 chasing from the tail shortly before the Jordan driver lost control of the drift and ran into the wall. The wall incident wouldn't allow him to get to the next round with MK Racing gathering the nights point to the semi finals. Mohamed Al Masri walked safe from the wreckage and nothing serious to work on the car in the next round kudos to the new safety requirement laid down in the QRC rule books and strict inspections at the scrutineering lead by Jonah Cunar .
With Mohamed Al Masri  and Al Jaouni out the finals was going to be a repeat of the Middle East Drift Championship - KhaiatVsAbushaibah. Two brutal cars in the league. But it was not a lucky  day for MK Racing team again as Mohamed Al Khaiat lost drift in the first clipping zone giving Abushaibah a smooth drift to the finish lap.The second run was going to be mental one for sure,with a little surety and precision to get to the meat and oust MK Racing out completely of the podium one.The Kuwait guy chasing from behind and creating the space for MK Racing knowing he just needed an all track finish run without loosing drift to every precision and win the championship for the second time here in Doha.Building on huge  mistake by MK Racing in the first run and take him out of the round two first podium triumph letting him without a hope but settle for a second finish.
Now with number one and two all settled it was time to settle the third place spot  between Mohamed Al Masri and Ahmed Allouh. But after the accident incident it was evident Al Masri was not going to pull a run at the finals letting Ahmed Allouh take the win at 3rd place.
Full results from Amateur and Semi Pro Class will be here shortly!


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