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Ultima GTR Spotted in Qatar.

We spotted Ultima GTR in Qatar Mile. And by our research and side talks with these clients in the Middle East it quickly ranked in the top five automotive Gulf’s heart stoppers if not the world! Ultima GTR is not your ordinary street car, a world record holder for the quickest accelerating and deceleration super car of all time and a multiple world speed record holder hailing from a fertile race car turf of Britain (the land where McLaren, Reynard, Williams all build race cars that win).

 Here is a car so street tuned and built to go faster than any latest Porsche Turbo, showroom Ferrari or even the treacherous Dodge Viper. To be fair, unlike many cars which are real cars, this British import we spotted in Qatar, is more of a race car tuned for the streets, with no air bags and very tricky to get in to. So compactly confined in its space just like any other formula 1 circuit race cars with a tubular steel space chassis and a GRP body work. Below is a photo gallery of Ultima GTR in Qatar

  • Ultima GTR is a very rare car to spot and you could actually count how many times you have spotted a car so built to win with remarkable regularity. Spotting this V2 Performance assembled British import in Qatar was epic and site we still want to remember, a Chevy Small Box V8 that might top the dyno at 700hp with a capability to practically lift off from zero to 60mph in 3.3 seconds and will hit 60mph in 8.4s. 

The Ultima GTR has been superseded by the Ultima Evolution coupe and is no longer produced although spare parts are available for the model. That would be likely the reason it took us nearly 3 yrs to spot this goddess in a town so ruined by taste and class of any British-Built super car. Who doesn’t love Qatar for that - Race It Blog Editor's Note
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